What is Chewsi?

Chewsi is a whole new idea in dental care. There’s nothing else like it out there.

With Chewsi, you get instant access to savings on dental care – savings you can’t get on your own.

It's all about the simple, easy-to-use Chewsi smartphone app that connects you with our network of Chewsi dentists. All you do is call your dentist for an appointment, and use your smartphone to pay right there in the office. You’ll see your savings instantly.

From braces, crowns, implants and dentures to cleanings, fillings, teeth whitening and more, Chewsi helps you save on all your dental care. It’s the perfect fit if you don’t have dental insurance. And if you are insured, Chewsi helps you save on care that’s not covered by your plan. You’ll even save when you’ve reached your plan’s annual maximum!

No monthly fees! No limits! No excluded services! You’re going to love the freedom, the flexibility and all the savings you'll get with Chewsi.

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