Chewsi is for everyone. And it works for all procedures – even cosmetic.

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What is Chewsi?

Chewsi is here to give the power of choice back to you. With Chewsi, you have the power to choose any dental service from any Chewsi dentist at the right price. We help you save money on the dental care you want and need. Chewsi is for everyone and for all procedures – even cosmetic. We make it easy and affordable for you to maintain a healthy smile and a healthy lifestyle.

Chewsi is:

  • A free smartphone app – no premiums or monthly fees!
  • A way to find a new dentist, or save money with your favorite Chewsi dentist.
  • A means of knowing what you’ll pay for a dental service before your appointment.
  • A money-saving solution for any type of dental service – no exclusions!

Chewsi is for you if:

  • You don’t have dental insurance.
  • You’re insured, but want dental care that’s not covered.
  • You like the freedom of choosing any Chewsi dentist.
  • You enjoy easy access to affordable dental care at your fingertips.

How will you save?


Brian needs a crown

Recent retiree Brian no longer has dental insurance. He needs a crown at a cost of $1,550. Brian downloads the Chewsi app, finds a Chewsi dentist and saves $370.


Ellen wants her teeth whitened

Ellen wants her teeth whitened, but her company's insurance plan doesn’t cover whitening. She finds a Chewsi dentist and uses the app to save $119 on the procedure.


Carlos wants a 3rd cleaning

Carlos wants a third cleaning this year, but his dental plan won’t cover it. Fortunately, his dentist is a Chewsi dentist, so Carlos uses the app to save $30 on his extra cleaning.


Steven needs braces

Steven needs braces, and his parents don't have dental insurance. They use the Chewsi app to find an orthodontist near them and save $540 on the total $5,400 cost of Steven's braces.


Suzie wants a check-up

Part-time worker Suzie doesn’t have dental insurance. Because her dentist is a Chewsi dentist, she uses the app to save $62 on her exam, X-ray and cleaning.


Abby needs a night guard

Abby needs a night guard, but they aren’t covered by her dental plan. Abby finds a Chewsi dentist to make her night guard and pays just $396, saving $154 with Chewsi.


Jill needs a filling

Jill chose not to enroll in her employer's dental insurance plan. Now, she needs a filling. She finds a Chewsi dentist in her area and saves $35 on her filling, paying just $110.

Chewsi is the free dental app that’s revolutionizing how dental care happens. Chewsi works if you have dental insurance — and if you don’t.

Right dentist. Right price. Right now.

Download Chewsi today!

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