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Chewsi dentists give you significant savings you can’t get on your own. On average, Chewsi members save 24% on their visit.

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Pay only for the services you need, when you need them. No monthly or annual fees.

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From cleanings, exams and crowns to braces, teeth whitening and implants, you name it, you save.

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With our Cost Estimator and Savings Estimator, you’ll know exactly what you’ll pay before you even get to the dentist.

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Get the care you need, now. No questions asked. No waiting periods or exclusions. No limitations.

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Use our free app or website to approve your payment. And see how much you saved.

Chewsi savings in action

See more about how Chewsi helps you save — whether you have insurance or you don’t.


Brian needs a crown

Recent retiree Brian no longer has dental insurance. He needs a crown at a cost of $1,550. Brian registers for Chewsi, finds a Chewsi dentist and saves $370.


Jill needs a filling

Jill chose not to enroll in her employer’s dental insurance plan. Now, she needs a filling. She finds a Chewsi dentist in her area and saves $35 on her filling, paying just $110.


Steven needs braces

Steven needs braces, and his parents don’t have dental insurance. They use Chewsi to find an orthodontist near them and save $540 on the total $5,400 cost of Steven’s braces.


Ellen wants her teeth whitened

Ellen wants her teeth whitened, but her company’s insurance plan doesn’t cover whitening. She finds a Chewsi dentist and saves $119 on the procedure.


Carlos wants a third cleaning

Carlos wants a third cleaning this year, but his dental plan won’t cover it. Fortunately, his dentist is a Chewsi dentist, so Carlos uses Chewsi to save $30 on his extra cleaning.


Abby needs a night guard

Abby needs a night guard, but they aren’t covered by her dental plan. Abby finds a Chewsi dentist to make her night guard and pays just $396, saving $154 with Chewsi.

What’s Chewsi?

We know going to the dentist can be expensive — that’s why there’s Chewsi. Check out our video to see how Chewsi helps you save money.

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