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Meet Chewsi

Chewsi® is the dental solution that’s revolutionizing how dental care happens. It works for every patient, every time, for every procedure — even cosmetic.

Here’s how Chewsi works for dentists:

  • Follow your own standard office practices to render dental services or confirm the services you’ll perform with your Chewsi patient
  • Submit patient charges through our online web charges portal
  • Watch as your Chewsi patient immediately receives notification on their smartphone and authorizes payment while in your office
  • Receive immediate payment approval and expect payment for your services to be directly deposited in your bank account, typically within two business days

How Chewsi Works for Patients

Any patient can use the free Chewsi app – including those who have dental insurance and those who don't.

Patients can:

  • Download the free Chewsi app to their smartphone
  • Add their credit card information to the app
  • Search for a Chewsi dentist by name or location
  • Call the Chewsi dentist they select for an appointment
  • Authorize payment for their dental services right in the dentist's office

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