How it works

Download, register, pay and save

We’ve said it before: There’s nothing like Chewsi out there. It really is a whole new way of thinking about your dental care.

When you download the Chewsi app, you get instant access to insider savings on dental care – savings you can’t get on your own. And our network of dentists offers savings on every service – every time – with no restrictions, rules or limits. You’ll never hear “no” from Chewsi.

To get started, visit the App Store or Google Play, download the free Chewsi app, and register. Then just search for a Chewsi dentist near you, and call to make an appointment. It’s that easy.

On the day of your appointment, bring along your smartphone, and let your dentist know you’re using Chewsi. When you check out, your dentist will send the charges to the Chewsi app. All you do is tap “pay” and you’ll immediately see how much you saved!

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