Q: What is Chewsi?

A: Chewsi is the new dental app that helps people find the right dental services from the right dentist at the right price.

Q: How does Chewsi work?

A: Chewsi offers you discounted prices on any dental service you need or want. Chewsi isn’t insurance, so there aren’t any premiums or monthly fees, and the app is free to download. Once you register on the app, you can search for a specific dentist or procedure, call to set up an appointment and pay directly through the app on your smartphone at the dentist’s office.

Q: Who can use Chewsi?

A: Chewsi is for everybody. It works for any patient — including those who have dental insurance and those who don’t.

Q: Is Chewsi insurance?

A: Chewsi is not insurance. There are no typical insurance company hassles like limitations, deductibles or maximums. You can use Chewsi to pay for all dental services — even cosmetic services like teeth whitening and braces.

Q: Where can I find the app?

A: You can download the Chewsi app in the App Store or Google Play.

Q: How does Chewsi work with my dental insurance?

A: Chewsi helps by saving you money on dental services your insurance plan doesn’t cover. If you need more services than your plan will pay for in a given year or want a service that insurance doesn’t cover (for example, teeth whitening), Chewsi can help you save money. No more putting off care you need until a later date!

Q: Can I schedule an appointment through the app?

A: No. You call your Chewsi dentist’s office to schedule an appointment.

Q: Can I use Chewsi at any dentist?

A: No. Chewsi savings are available only when you see a Chewsi participating dentist.

Q: Can I find out ahead of time how much my dentist will charge me?

A: Yes. After registering on the app, you can see how much you will pay.

Q: Why do you want my credit card number? Is it safe to give it to you?

A: Your credit card is securely stored so you can pay your Chewsi dentist with just one click. Paying with the Chewsi app is the only way to get Chewsi savings on your dental care. We never share your credit card information — even with your dentist — and we never charge your card for dental services until you click the “Pay Now” button in the app. We use recognized industry leader Authorize.net to store your credit card information securely. Authorize.net uses the latest SSL encryption technology and PCI Data Security Standards to ensure that only you can see and manage your credit card information.

Q: Why was my card charged one cent after I registered with my credit card information?

A: Chewsi has applied a temporary pre-authorization hold of one cent to be sure you have registered with a valid credit card with a valid expiration date. Once this validation has occurred, the charge will no longer appear on your statement. This typically takes a few business days.

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