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Dentist FAQs

Q: What is Chewsi®?
A: Chewsi is the new dental app that helps people find the right dental services from the right dentist at the right price.

Q: How can I contact Chewsi?
A: For any questions about Chewsi, call 1-855-624-3974 or email

Q: When can I treat my first Chewsi patient?
A: Registered Chewsi dentists can begin treating Chewsi patients immediately.

Q: Who can use Chewsi?
A: Chewsi is for everybody. It works for any patient — including those who have dental insurance and those who don’t.

Q: Is Chewsi insurance?
A: Chewsi is not insurance. There are no claim reviews, no limitations, no deductibles, no annual maximums, no paperwork and no hassles. Patients can use Chewsi to pay for all procedures — including cosmetic.

Q: How can I promote Chewsi to existing and new patients?
A: Be sure to let your patients, family, friends and colleagues know that you’re participating with Chewsi. We can also provide you with materials you can print for display in your office and post on your social media platforms.

Q: Where can I find the app?
A: Download the Chewsi app in the App Store and in Google Play.

Q: How do patients determine the cost of their treatment?
A: Patients can view the cost of their treatment on the app. Patients can also see a history of any prior treatments that they’ve paid for with the Chewsi app.

Q: Where do I find my fee schedule?
A: We’re happy to share your personal fee schedule. We’ll need your name, practice name, NPI or license number and state, and your email address. Click here to review your Chewsi fee schedule without any obligation to join.

Q: Can I compare my fee schedule with others?
A: No. We customize your fee schedule based on factors specific to your office.

Q: How does Chewsi pay for any services that aren’t noted on my fee schedule?
A: Services not listed on your fee schedule will be compensated at 25% off the dentist’s fee.

Q: When do I submit the treatment?
A: Dentists submit the treatment at the time of the service.

Q: When do I receive payment?
A: Chewsi will process your transaction immediately. Funds are deposited into your bank account, typically within two business days.

Q: What happens if the Chewsi app declines payment?
A: If the patient’s credit card is expired or does not have enough funds remaining, the patient can change to a different credit card directly on the app. If a patient can’t provide Chewsi with another valid credit card, the patient is no longer eligible for Chewsi or its fee structure.

Q: What are my obligations as a Chewsi dentist? Is there a contract?
A: Yes, there is a contract. When you sign the contract, you agree to honor the fee schedule for all procedures performed on a Chewsi member.

Q: How do I bill a multi-stage procedure?
A: With Chewsi, your office’s standard billing practice applies. For example, a crown might be billed on the prep date or seat date, while dentures might be billed on the impression date or delivery date.

Q: How does Chewsi work with patients who have dental insurance?
A: Chewsi helps patients afford services not covered by their dental insurance. For example, patients who reach their maximum and need additional services can use Chewsi to find a more affordable rate, rather than postpone treatment.

Q: I have a multi-dentist practice. Can some dentists participate in Chewsi and others not participate?
A: Yes.

Q: What recourse do I have if a patient misses their appointment?
A: You should use your standard office protocol for missed appointments.

Q: Can a patient schedule an appointment through the app?
A: No. The patient will contact your office to schedule an appointment. Your practice contact information is available through the app.

Q: Can I selectively choose which services I offer through Chewsi?
A: No. By agreeing to become a provider in the Chewsi network, you agree to offer all services (routinely offered by your office) listed on the fee schedule.

Q: How many potential Chewsi users are there?
A: Chewsi has relationships with many national and local employers offering the service to their employees.

Q: How many dentists have joined Chewsi?
A: Chewsi is building a robust national network that is comparable to other dental networks. We are bringing in new providers daily!

Q: Can patients compare my fees to other dentists in the area?
A: The Chewsi app does not let patients do a side-by-side comparison of dentist fees.

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